Wpull requires the following:

For installing Wpull, it is recommended to use pip installer.


Please obtain the latest Python release from or your package manager. It is recommended to use Python 3.2 or greater.


It is recommended that lxml is obtained through an installer or pre-built package. Windows packages are provided on Debian/Ubuntu users should install python3-lxml. For more information, see


If pip is not installed on your system yet, please follow the instructions at to install pip. Note for Linux users, ensure you are executing the appropriate Python version when installing pip.

Lua Scripting

To enable optional Lua scripting support, Lunatic Python (bastibe version) can be installed using pip:

pip3 install git+


At time of writing, Lunatic Python uses Lua 5.2. If you desire a different version of Lua, please see below.


At time of writing, Lunatic Python does not support Python 3.2.


The version of Lunatic Python in the Python Package Index (PyPI) is out of date.

Specify Lua version

Download lunatic-python from using the “Download ZIP” link or git clone.

Inside, edit LUAVERSION to reflect the current Lua library installed. On Debian/Ubuntu it is known by libluaX.Y-dev.

Run pip to install Lunatic Python with LOCATION replaced with the location of the Lunatic Python source code.:

pip install LOCATION

PhantomJS (Optional)

It is recommended to download a prebuilt binary build from

Automatic Install

Once you have installed Python, lxml, and pip, install Wpull with dependencies automatically from PyPI:

pip3 install wpull


Python 2 users, please see note in the next subsection.


Adding the --upgrade option will upgrade Wpull to the latest release. Use --no-dependencies to only upgrade Wpull.


Adding the --user option will install Wpull into your home directory.

Python 2.6/2.7

Please ensure you have the latest lib3to2 from Bitbucket before installing Wpull:

pip install hg+


The version in PyPI is out of date.

Manual Install

Install the dependencies:

pip3 install -r

Install Wpull from GitHub:

pip3 install git+


Using git+ as the path will install Wpull’s develop branch.

Python 2.6/2.7


Install additional dependencies before installing Wpull:

pip install -r


Invoking (with or without commands/options) will trigger the 3to2 process automatically. The Python 2 compatible source code will be placed in py2src_noedit/. Invoking a Python 2 interpreter on the original Python 3 source code will result Wpull failing to run due to syntax errors.